Glipgloss Wax after Wash: give your car the shine it deserves.

Are you looking to give your car that fresh long-lasting shine once you have cleaned it? If so, Glipgloss is the detailing product you need.

Applying wax is a vital part of any part of car detailing. Some of us do not have the luxury to spend hours detailing our cars, Gliptone Express Wax After Wash is a simple to use wax formula, containing curable and hydrophobic polymers.

These polymers combined with real Carnauba Wax will give your car exterior a protective barrier against any liquids and enhance the shine of your paintwork. It only takes a few minutes of your time to give your car that professional finish.

For the best application of Wax-After-Wash, you can use one of our Plush Edgeless Microfibre Towels perfect for any polishing and buffing. We advise that for maximum effectiveness spray and leave to begin drying before buffing.
The Glipgloss formula can also be used while the car is still wet as a quick finishing product leaving your car with a pristine shine and protection all in one.

Our Glipgloss Wax-after- Wash is one-half of a perfect Gliptone combination with our pH neutral shampoo Wash-n-Glow, with blended wax beautifiers perfect for a quick summer wash.

If you any have any questions about any of our products email or call us on 01244 888 658.

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