Cleaning Glass: Cleaning, protecting, and keeping your glass streak-free

Are you driving your car and struggling to see the road because of a build-up of grime and dust?

You need to make sure your windshield is as clean as it can be to maintain a crystal-clean vision of the road. It is important to clean the inside and outside of your windshield every few weeks to remove any dirt and smudges.

Your windshield gets so dirty from smoke, dirt, and dust from the road but the most primary reason for this is that your car will be off-gassing. This happens because of the breakdown of plastic and vinyl components breaking down and getting trapped leaving an oily residue inside the car.

At Gliptone we supply two products that are perfectly designed to tackle the removal of grime, fingerprints, and any dust on the glass. Our Heavy-Duty Glass Cleaner contains a high amount of cleaning agents that will foam to dissolve the build-up of bugs, tree sap, and road film.

We also sell Glass Cleaner with Anti-Static; this cleaner requires so dilution and can simply be sprayed onto the glass. The anti-static agents in the cleaner will work to repel any dust and debris from sticking, keeping your windshield cleaner for much longer.

To apply these products, we advise using our Softouch Window Towel or our Drying and Cleaning Waffle Microfibre Towel, both great for cleaning and absorption. It is best to use small amounts of the cleaner using up and down motions to clean the glass. We advise that for maximum effect you should always clean your car windshield last after you have washed the car exterior and wiped around in the car interior.